Privacy Policy -

We, Montbreaker company respect the personal privacy of all visitors to our website regardless of whether they are a customer, just dropping by to look at our products or visiting our website for any other reason. 

This Privacy Policy sets out our policy regarding the processing of personal data which you register through our website

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, any aspect of our data protection policy generally or any other issues arising from this Privacy Policy, or if you wish to withdraw consent that you have given via our website, delete information you have registered previously or request any other action which you do not have direct access to carry out yourself, please contact us by e-mail:

Why we collect personal data via our website

The information we collect via our website will only be used for the purposes that are clearly stated in the information given on the page you enter the information on.  These are currently:

  • Registration of orders and payments, processing of orders and delivery of goods ordered via our website
  • Distribution of newsletters
  • Processing of enquiries submitted to our customer centre
  • Data for the personalisation of page content and offers (off/on when registering or on ‘My page’)

Your personal data will only be used for the specified purpose(s).  The information will be deleted from our system when your request has been processed unless you have consented to us retaining the information for other purposes, such as sending you our newsletter.  If you have given such consent, we will continue to store at least your name and e-mail address for this purpose.  Essential information will be stored/archived for longer periods of time as and when necessary in order to comply with applicable legislation and regulations as set out in the Sale of Goods Act and the Annual Accounts Act.